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Myths and truths about water

by Γιάννης Μπουζάνας

μύθοι και αλήθειες για το νερό

It is said that there is no smoke without fire. And yet sometimes there is. Where the impossible becomes possible and the myth is dispelled like a paper pyramid. That's exactly where the water comes from. Old stories, but with many questions. Is it a myth? A truth? Or something in between?

Below, you will read in detail what and how. You may reconsider, maybe not. I am just obliged to inform all those who do not know many things, and I am not ashamed to say that I am one of them.

Let's begin:

Is water the source of life? Truth.

Of course, water is very important for our body. If we have water and no food, we die in a month, but without water, in only 10 days. This is because water makes up 75% of the body, 90% of the blood and 85% of the brain.

Dry mouth, last sign of thirst. Myth.

Saliva is produced even in chronic dehydration because it is a digestive enzyme. The need we have for water or, in other words, the thirst, at a cellular level is something completely different.

Drinks can quench our thirst. Myth.

μύθοι και αλήθειες σχετικά με το νερό

How many times have you desperately wanted to drink a glass of water and ended up drinking coffee, soft drinks, tea, milk, beer and generally anything other than water?

A lot.

And this happens because you think you do not need to drink water, as all these drinks already have it in them. Wrong.

All of these drinks damage the cells and then our body, causing us to lose water, which we needed from the beginning.

And the reason is simple. The sugar and caffeine contained in these drinks absorb water from the cells.

We can figure out on our own if we are dehydrated. Truth.

When we say dehydration, the first thing that comes to mind are doctors, hospitals, diagnosis, treatment, a lot of water. And yet, it is so simple to notice it, quickly and efficiently.

All you have to do is check the color of your urine. If it is always dark, you are probably dehydrated.

The solution to dehydration is 2 liters of water. Truth.

In order to fight dehydration, there is only one solution: drink a lot of water. Yeah right, what have I just said, a scientific discovery. You already knew that, but you didn't know how much is the ideal amount. Well, 2 liters or, in other words, 8 glasses of water a day keep the doctor away.

Preferably, we should drink water through a special water filter. We will explain in part 2 the reason why in detail.

We can drink natural juice instead of water. Truth, under conditions.

χυμός αντί για νερό

What does under conditions really mean? Natural juice is such a misunderstood term that no one can say for sure. Over time, it got lost in translation and is used by everyone and everywhere.

The only genuine natural juice in the world is the one you make yourself with your own hands.

Not the one in the box, where it is written in big letters that this is a real natural juice. No, it's not. In the 2 liters of water we mentioned earlier can be included only the one you make yourself.

At this point, we will finish the first part with the myths and truths about water. The next part will be even more revealing. And don't forget that the best solution for healthy, delicious and clean water is a water filter!

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