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Water Filter Prices: Full Guide

by Γιάννης Μπουζάνας
Water Filter Prices: Full Guide

Water filters have entered our lives for good and serve our needs for clean water in the best possible way!

More and more private and professional spaces are installing filtration systems to ensure the provision of water free from harmful substances, unpleasant odors and taste. However, there are many water filters available on the market and finding the right filter often seems difficult in this abundance of options. This is why we provide you with this complete guide to filter categories, their usage and, of course, their price range.


These water filters are installed on the counter and are easily and quickly connected to your kitchen tap with a switch. So by simply turning the switch you can choose between filtered water for drinking, cooking and washing vegetables or unfiltered water to wash your dishes. The initial purchase of these filters includes spare parts as well as anything necessary for their installation. The prices for certified countertop water filters range from €80.00 to €190.00 according to the technology they use, their capacity and the harmful substances they remove.

Under the sink

Under-sink water filters comprise two basic categories:

a) those that are directly connected to the cold water supply of your kitchen and give you filtered water every time you turn on the tap in the cold and

b) those that have their own separate tap exclusively for filtered water, which operates separately from the main tap.

The prices for the certified under-sink filters range from €60.00 to €200.00 depending on whether they have a single, double or triple activated carbon system or some other filtering technology.

On the faucet

On-the-faucet water filters are an extremely practical and economical solution and fit all water taps except for the shower ones. They are installed on your kitchen faucet and significantly improve the unpleasant water taste and odor, effectively reducing harmful substances.

The prices for faucet water filters range from €32.00 to €59.00.

Fridge water filters

Fridge water filters have multiple effects and offer guaranteed results. They provide crystal clear ice cubes and water and effectively remove not only unpleasant odors but also substances which are harmful for the body and circulate freely in the fridge compartments. There are water filters compatible with all refrigerators but also filters for the specific brand of your device.

An average price for fridge water filters ranges from € 20.00 to € 35.00 while there are also more enhanced ones that reach up to € 65.00.

Bath-shower filters

Shower water filters are very easy to install onto the shower faucet and protect us from all harmful substances in the water that enter our body when the pores of the skin are open while we enjoy a hot bath. They care for both the balanced pH of our skin and the softness of our hair and are great for people with sensitive skin and skin conditions.

The prices for bath and shower water filters range from €25.00 to €39.00 while their spare part needs to be changed at least once per year.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is considered to be the best filtration system in the world, as water goes through multiple stages and through a membrane with a permeability of 0.0001 microns. It is an ideal filtration system for places that have very hard water, such as islands, as well as for areas that get water from drilling. This system completely removes salts, nitrates, chlorine, arsenic and any harmful substances present in the water. The system is placed under the kitchen counter and you need to make a hole on the counter to install a separate tap only for filtered water.

The prices for reverse osmosis systems range from €280.00 to €700.00.

Whole house water filters

These filters are installed in the main water supply of the house. Depending on the problems your water has, you can choose the appropriate spare part. So the filter you choose can hold dirt, mud, rust or even salts. In fact, if you want to turn this filter into a small but effective softener, you can install a new generation water softener spare filter.

The prices for whole house water filters range from €25.00 to €225.00.

Washing machine and boiler water filters

These filters extend the life of your devices as they protect them from salts and thus help them function uninhibitedly. At the same time, they dramatically improve the quality of your clothes as they make the water softer and so you have double benefit as you need to use less clothes softener. The practical and economical washing machine and boiler water filters protect both the environment and your pocket, with their cost ranging only from € 25.00 to € 49.00.

Professional water filters

Professional & industrial water filters produce water with zero conductivity in large quantities. They are ideal for small and large scale catering and entertainment venues, but also large industries. They offer crystal clear water without salts, odors, bacteria, etc. In particular, for cafes and bars there are systems available that have special filters for enrichment in metals that provide water that fully highlights the aromas of coffee. Prices for professional reverse osmosis filters for cafes and bars range from € 700.00 to € 990.00.

The cost for professional reverse osmosis systems for small and big industries is a few thousand euros.

Water softeners

Water softeners reduce salts and soften water. They have the ability to bind calcium and magnesium ions from water and replace them with sodium and potassium. So the removal of salts prevents the formation of scale on the house appliances so that the pipes do not clog over time. They are ideal for home and small business use such as rooms-to-let, small hotels, bakeries, etc. The prices of home softeners start from €199.00 while desalination systems for professional use can reach up to a few thousand euros.

Are you looking for reliable and certified filtration systems for your private or business space? Contact Primato Hellas experts to find the right one based on your budget and needs. Thank you for reading our guide "Water filter prices" by our expert George Margiolos.

# Primato Hellas Water filter prices
Water filter categories From To
1 Countertop € 80 € 199
2 Under-sink € 60 € 200
3 On the faucet € 32 € 59
4 For fridges € 20 € 65
5 Bath-Shower € 25 € 39
6 Reverse osmosis € 280 € 700
7 Whole house € 25 € 225
8 Washing machine and boiler € 25 € 49
9 Professional-Industrial € 700 € 990
10 Water softeners € 199 a few thousand euros


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