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I live in Athens. Do I need a water filter?

by Γιάννης Μπουζάνας
water filters nea ionia

Especially nowadays when the pollution of our environment and our bodies has peaked and occurs every day in various ways, the provision of clean water should be taken for granted. It is a part we can intervene to protect ourselves and it is the least we can do for our well-being. If you are a resident of Athens, you should already know that the capital is a European city that receives positive reviews for its water quality.

I live in Athens, do I need to install a water filter?

A water filter may be a small investment, but it is a very important decision for your health.

EYDAP is carrying out a very important project to ensure good quality water to the residents of the capital, however, no matter how high quality and good the water of the network is considered based on analyses and permitted limits, you realize that it is not excellent.

And that is exactly the purpose of water filters: not just good but excellent water.

Chlorine in the water of Athens

The main problem the water of Athens is facing in all its areas, such as Nea Ionia , is chlorine, which has negative consequences in our body after long-term use.

Photo from our new store: Water filters - Nea Ionia

κατάστημα primato με φίλτρα νερού στη Νέα Ιωνία

Unfortunately, as much as it is necessary to disinfect the water, it is also responsible for various problems.


It can create  in our body the conditions - such as dysfunction of the flora of our digestive system - that help to develop various diseases.


It is no coincidence that nowadays we hear more and more often about indigestion and bloating. In addition, not only chlorine but also its derivatives are dangerous.


Therefore, long-term exposure to chlorine, in combination with the sensitivity of any body, can be negative for health in the future.


Unfortunately, as you may realize, chlorine is a "necessary evil" as it is essential to disinfect network water. Without it, dangerous bacteria and microorganisms would grow and make water unsuitable for drinking.


Just think that if we didn't chlorinate the water, in a short time, diseases like salmonella and other viruses would have a devastating effect on public health.

How can I protect myself from chlorine?

Τhe positive thing is that fitration systems, that is, water filters, retain chlorine effectively.


Especially activated carbon filters are the most appropriate solution. 

Asbestos in the water of Athens

Asbestos is a material widely used in construction and manufacturing for decades. Unfortunately, in the cities there is a large amount due to its existence in many constructions, and, unfortunately, it is another carcinogenic substance that we inadvertently encounter.


Asbestos has been proved to cause lung cancer as it is extremely harmful when it is in the air.


Asbestos fibers are a real problem in the hygiene of the capital's water, as a very large percentage of Athens' pipes are made of asbestos fibers.


However, there is a controversy over whether asbestos is actually mixed with water and whether it is actually harmful once it is in an acceptable form, that is, in a very hard form in the pipes.


It is obviously extremely difficult to reconstruct the network of an entire city to dispel any doubts, and it is also difficult to prove whether asbestos in pipes actually causes cancer.


As it is better to be proactive   than to regret later, water filters with UF (Ultrafiltration) offer a solution so that you feel safe every time you drink tap water.

So it is worth installing a water filter if you are a resident of Athens?


Our answer is that the cost is small but the benefits are great.


We will be happy if you visit our new store in Nea Ionia to discuss the tap water problems that you face and to find the right water filter for your needs.


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