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Faucet water filters

Faucet filters connect directly to your faucet. You can select purified or unfiltered water.

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36.00 (Including tax)
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Instapure water faucet filter is easily mounted to your kitchen faucet in just a few minutes. It reduces harmful substances from your tap water and you can select a different cartridge depending on your water quality.


Enjoy your tap water with this top Facuter Water Filter! It is very easy to install and immediately offers 100% safe and crystal clear water. Connects in 1 'to your kitchen faucet. With a turn of the switch you enjoy filtered, delicious and crystal clear water, or unfiltered water to wash the dishes.

usa made water filter The replacement AquaMetix® TF filter included in the packaging reduces chlorine, nitrates, lead, aluminum, copper, arsenic, Total Coliforms and many other harmful substances. The AquaMetix® TF replacement filter is made in the USA with raw materials of the highest FDA specifications, cutting-edge technologies and unprecedented performance.
made in Greece The filter housing is made in Greece by Primato. The plastic has the innovative biocidal product Biomaster® that prevents bacteria growth on the surfaces and the chamber of the device!

It comes with a 10 year warranty.

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59.00 (Including tax)
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This exceptional Japanese water filter has a Hollow Fiber membrane which reduces a wide list of harmful substances from your tap water and offers you and your family purified, clean and crystal clear water. Using the switch you can toggle between filtered-unfiltered and spray-unfiltered water. You can easily mount it to your faucet in just a few minutes without tools or a plumber.

Made in Japan by Toray Industries Inc

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