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Best Whole House Water Purification Systems Reviews

What is the best home water filtration system or home water purifier for me to buy? From theory to practice

The layout or dimensions of your kitchen and sink, whether you are renting or you are a home owner, as well as your water quality, will guide you in choosing the right water filter. Devices are categorized according to where they are installed. They can be connected directly to your tap, to your house's main water supply, above or below your kitchen's counter.

Best Water filter systems reviews

Countertop water filters are particularly sleek and connect very quickly and without tools to your tap. However, they occupy precious space, which is bad if you have a small kitchen. Devices connected under your kitchen's sink require installation experience. Faucet filters are easy to mount to your tap, but they are somewhat bulky and don't have a very long life span. There are, of course, also the jug filters which can fit to your refrigerator. Whole house water filters are connected to your house's main water supply and remove dirt, mud, particles and rust. Shower filters protect you and your skin and are ideal for people with sensitive skin and hair or allergies. Water coolers provide clean cold and hot water and softeners reduce water hardness, contributing to the life span of your electrical appliances. They are also ideal for people that live in islands or areas with very hard water.

Water quality is a very important factor when it comes to selecting the right cartridge. If for example you have very hard water, you should add a hardness reduction filter (resin) to your filter. If you use drilling water (i.e. not treated with chlorine), you will need to install a reverse osmosis that produces water with zero conductivity and removes microbes and bacteria. If your water is full of dirt, mud or particles you should install a whole house water filter. Finally, if you have lead in your water, you should add a lead reduction cartridge.

We will be very happy to discuss your water problem over the phone or at our physical store in Thessaloniki, Greece. We ship our products all over Europe and most of our water filters come with a 10 year warranty. Feel free to call us on +30 2310 383 588 or drop an email at info@primato.gr

Check out some of our reviews:

Amelia Taylor:

Looks great! Installation went smoothly. Super quick delivery

Alfie Owen:

Fit an ion exchange resin and a carbon block (1st and 2nd stage) and you have the perfect setup for UK water! Filter delivered to London in 4 days. Many thanks!

Emily J.:

Very fast delivery - I live in UK. Filter seems reliable and water tastes good ( I got it with CBR1 cartridge)

James T.:

Filter arrived safely and on time. Installation was pretty easy.