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31cm 3-way faucet for under-sink water filters Ramon Soler 7589

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The Ramon Soler 7589 3-way faucet replaces your kitchen tap. It is connected to an under-sink water filter. It has a switch for filtered water and a switch for cold/hot unfiltered tap water. It is made in Spain from high quality materials and has a 5-year warranty.

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ramon soler 7589

It has a switch for filtered water and a switch for hot/cold unfiltered tap water.

Height 31cm from the base of the faucet that rests on the sink to its highest point.

If you want to install a water filter under the sink, but do not want to make a hole on the kitchen counter, then the Ramon Soler 7589 faucet is the ideal solution for you.

It fits all under-sink water filters in the market.

The Ramon Soler 7589 faucet has a different outlet for filtered water.

It is made in Spain from high quality and durable materials.

ramon soler 7589 on counter

Water flow at 3 bar = 12 L / min.

Durable materials capable enough to withstand hot water shocks.

5-year warranty for the faucet. 2-year warranty for its accessories.

Faucet durability to pressure = 5 bar.

Recommended operating pressure 3 bar.

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Look carefully at the faucet dimensions to make sure that you can install it without any problems.

Contact us if you need help or more technical details.

Ramon Soler
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