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The Advantages of Using Water Filters

Buying one of the specialized water filters - either English or American - that Primato Hellas offers, you show how much you care for yourself and your family. The benfits are numerous and especially important both for your health and your budget.

15+1 Advantages

  • Colorless and odorless quality water
  • 10-year warranty for almost all of our water filters
  • Easy installation on every tap type in 1 '
  • Each water filtering system is accompanied by video instructions and a manual for easy installation
  • Elegant devices that suit every style and type of kitchen
  • Alternative ways of installation: directly on the faucet, under the bench with water supply from a separate faucet, from a water filter on the counter or on the main water supply
  • Water filters contain active carbon and / or a ceramic shell for greater efficiency in filtering. Threfore, they retain solid particles, microorganisms and heavy metals, such as soil, rust, stones, chlorine, lead, pesticides and bacteria.
  • Countertop water filters are so easy to use that you can install them yourself without tools or professional help
  • Domestic under-the-sink water filters usually require professional installation, but use cartridges that last longer
  • Depending on their use, cartridges may last for a whole year or more
  • Depending on the water quality and / or the water system problems in the area where you live, you can choose a custom solution that will suit your needs for life
  • Water filters can clean drinking water, as well as the shower, washing machine and even your aquarium water
  • Forget all about bottled water and the accumulation of plastic bottles forever
  • Customer service is granted before, during and long after your purchase
  • Within 1-2 working days, you receive your order by courier wherever you reside in Greece, while we also ship in Cyprus
  • Upon your order, you get one of the best and most efficient products on the global market by Doulton (UK) or Watts Water Technologies (USA)