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HoReCa, Commercial and Industrial water filters

Professional & industrial water filters are used by small companies and large industries and produce large amounts of water with zero conductivity. These systems are ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and all professional and industrial sites that use large amounts of water. They offer crystal clear water without salts, smells, heavy metals, microbes, bacteria or other dangerous substances. Contact us to find the right solution for your needs.

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With a permeability of just 0.0001 microns, this filter completely removes all harmful substances from water such as lead, nitrates, arsenic, pesticides, salts, insecticides, germs, microorganisms, bacteria, etc. It produces water with zero conductivity and it is ideal for islands, areas with water full of salts or areas with very hard water such as Chalkidiki. The device is manufactured by Ecosoft, a company with an international presence and factories in Germany and Ukraine. The osmosis membrane is manufactured in the USA by DOW FILMTEC.

The system is ideal for small and big industries or businesses with high demands on desalinated and clean water.

It has measuring instruments and sensors so that you always monitor the quality of the incoming and clean water.

It is fully automatic so as to limit human errors and to prevent unnecessary interruptions.


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