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Three way water filter tap 51cm Primato BELLA FONTANA INOX304

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BELLA FONTANA INOX304 is a 51cm tall three way water filter tap that replaces your kitchen faucet. One switch is for the filtered water and another one is for hot-cold unfiltered water. Unfiltered water runs from a hose that you can turn to suit you better. You can also make it run like a shower, with a press of a button.

Made of 304 stainless steel.

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  • BELLA FONTANA replaces your kitchen faucet.
  • It has 2 switches: One gives only filtered water while the other switch gives hot and cold unfiltered tap water.
  • With a press of a button, unfiltered water runs like a shower.
  • The outlet of the unfiltered water is detachable so that you can wash the dishes more easily.
  • No need to install an extra water filter tap and risk damaging your counter.
  • Beautiful design
  • Made of 304 stainless steel.
  • Height: 51cm

More details...

filtered water

Filtered water outlet turns left and right to suit you better.

Connects easily with most under-sink water filters.

unfiltered water

Unfiltered water runs from the hose.

With a press of a button, unfiltered water runs like a shower to help you clean your dishes with ease.

Turns left and right.

You can detach it from its base.


Check out the dimensions to make sure it looks good on your kitchen counter.

Όμορφη και κυρίως εργονομική. Λίγο τσιμπημενη η τιμή της από τις συνηθισμένες βρύσες αλλά ο,τι πληρώνεις παίρνεις.


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