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Threeway water filter tap 35cm. Primato OSLO

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If you want to install an under sink water filter but do not want to pierce your kitchen counter so as to install a separate faucet just for filtered water, then this faucet is the perfect solution for you. It has a 3-way switch: Filtered water, Cold tap water, Hot tap water.

Height 35cm

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oslo black

OSLO is the perfect 3-way tap for you if you have an under-sink water filter and don't want to install a separate tap for filtered water.

One handle controls cold and hot tap water. The other handle controls filtered water.

It can connect to all under-sink water filters.

Made from high quality stainless steel.

Maximum height is 35cm.

different outlet for filtered and tap water

It has different outlet for filtered and tap water.

oslo three way tap on kitchen counter

Easy installation

Beautiful design

tap handles

Right handle gives you cold and hot tap water

Left handle gives you filtered water

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