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Do I need a water filter if I live in Athens?

by Γιάννης Μπουζάνας
Do I need a water filter if I live in Athens?

This is a very common question for our greek customers so let's start from the very basics. In order for water to be considered safe, it must be chlorinated. Chlirine basically disinfects water from harmful substances (from which people was dying back in the old days...). Chlorine can't remove or "kill" some harmful substances or heavy metals such as lead, limescale, arsenic etc. In fact, chlorine itself as well as its byproducts (such as chloroform) is harmful. It still is however the cheapest solution for disinfecting water.

Athen's main problem is chlrone itself, except from its center where there are increased levels of lead. If your water doesn't have a very bad odor, then its main problem might be that it's not chlorinated.

The best solution is to have chlorine in our water up until our tap. Then, when it reaches your kitchen, you should treat it with a water filter with an activated carbon block which will remove chlorine and its byproducts.

Coconut shell activated carbonActivated carbon is a black material, usually produced from coconut shell or even other recources and has the ability to "store" harmful substances in its tiny pores. Activated carbon has a special "soft spot" for chlorine and that's the reason we usually treat chlorine with activated carbon filters.

Water is forced to pass through the carbon block filter where it's cleaned and purified. After that you can enjoy clean and fresh water right from your tap!

Whether you install a countertop, a tap water filter or an under-sink water filter depends mainly on how much available space you have on or under your kitchen counter. Countertop water filters are installed in less than a minute on your kicthen counter and are connected to your kitchen tap with a "diverter" with which you toggle between filtered and unfiltered water. Tap water filters are installed directly on your kitchen tap and usually have a switch with which you toggle between standard tap water and purified water. Under sink water filters are placed under your kitchen sink and are connected either inline (directly to your kithcen tap's cold water supply) or with a seperate tap just for filtered water (in this case you'll need to pierce a tiny hole in your kitchen counter).

Should you need any help in choosing the right water filter for you, please don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be very happy to help you.


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