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The whole truth about water filters

by Μαργιώλος Γιώργος
The whole truth about water filters

The whole truth about water filters: In this article we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about water filters in recent years. 

Do they remove the Unpleasant Odor and Taste from the Water?

Even the simplest water filters can significantly improve the taste and smell of water. This is because tap water contains chlorine. Chlorine is the primary disinfectant used by municipalities and communities to primarily provide safe water. Unfortunately, chlorine itself smells bad and produces various by-products, the best known of which is chloroform. However, the activated carbon that most water filters have is very good at reducing chlorine. Even the lowest quality carbons can reduce the chlorine and therefore the taste and smell from the water to a good percentage.

Do they save money in the long run?

If you've been buying bottled water bottles, then you'll definitely save a lot with a water filter. Typically, a water filter pays for itself in just one year.

Are water filters dangerous?

In short, no! Activated carbon found in most water filters is a natural product that looks like a fine, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic black powder. It is produced from natural materials such as peat, bamboo, coconut husk, olive kernels, etc.. It is then heated in a controlled environment and must undergo various treatments until it becomes activated carbon suitable for drinking water filtration. After this treatment, it has the property of binding various substances that come into contact with it. Because it comes from natural sources, it is not a danger to humans (or the environment).

What water filter should I get?

The short answer is: Whatever fits your kitchen. There are different types of water filters as we explain below. What you should definitely pay attention to is to buy a water filter from a reliable company, which has been in the field for years and provides you with technical support. Prefer quality products to last longer and have peace of mind.

Types of water filters

The types of water filters are as follows:

Counter top water filters

These filters attach to your kitchen counter with a switch that lets you choose between filtered and unfiltered water.

Tap water filters

These filters are connected directly to your kitchen faucet and have a switch with which you choose filtered or unfiltered water.

Undercounter water filters

You can install an undercounter filter with its own faucet, no faucet at all, or even a three-way kitchen faucet. This depends on the space on your kitchen counter (that is, if the faucet fits) and of course on the design of your kitchen.

Whole house water filters

Central supply filters do not reduce chlorine or chemicals from drinking water. They simply reduce dirt, mud and rust. If you notice a lot of dirt in your water, it might be worth installing such a filter.

Certified water filters

Before purchasing a filter, it is a good idea to check the filter certifications. He needs a lot of attention here. Water analysis by a laboratory is not a certification! The replacement activated carbon filter should be at least NSF 42 certified or a European equivalent. Most companies in Greece have filters with their own brand. This practically means that a filter can be sold under a different name in Greece and you cannot easily find the certification. Ask the company to give you information and, of course, the certifications of the filter. Soon, the legislation in Greece will change and require tougher standards. Ask the company you are interested in about the new legislation and how they plan to comply with the new and tougher legislation.

Are Water Filters Carcinogenic?

Of course not. As we mentioned in the paragraph above about the dangers of filters, activated carbon is produced from natural materials. Of course, to have peace of mind, ask for all the possible certifications that the company you are interested in can offer you.

Tap water filter. Which is the best;

There are various brands of tap water filters on the market. Remember that these filters are connected to your kitchen battery.
What we have noticed for years now in our stores, is that a cheap and bad appliance can cost you more in the long run, as bad appliances are not repaired when they break down or when you accidentally break them, so you have to keep buying a new device. Good devices stand the test of time or at least are repaired by the companies easily and at little or no cost. 

Primato USATF: This filter is made in the USA and features zeolite with activated carbon. It is the technological epitome of tap water filters, as it is the world's first tap water filter to feature bacteriostatic plastic. This practically means that the very surface of the filter removes germs and bacteria. It is fully serviceable and well worth seeing in person.

Are there any reviews for Water Filters?

Visit the page of the company you are interested in and search for reviews for the product you are interested in or for the company as a whole. In the modern age of the internet, it is worth looking at the most objective reviews that are posted, for example by google. Anyway, nowadays, before buying, everyone checks the opinion of others who have already bought the product.

Water filter scam

Indeed, there are bad products and companies with very bad service on the market. We suggest you check the following before purchasing any product: Is the filter certified? Is what they show you serious certification or a simple water analysis? Is the company reliable? How many years have they been in the business? Does it have stores that you can visit in person to check the products?
Does the company have a technician? This is important because it is always good to have the installation done by the company itself. Are there any reliable reviews for the products you are interested in or for the company itself? Do the company's salespeople have expertise?
If you are covered by the above questions, then proceed without fear to purchase the water filter you are interested in.

If you have any questions that were not answered in this article, we will be more than happy to answer them for you. You can call us, email us or even visit our stores and see the water filters in person.


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