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The Future of Water: How Primato Filters are Pioneering New Standards in Water Safety

by Μαργιώλος Γιώργος
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In an age where water safety is increasingly paramount, Primato Filters has emerged as a leader in pioneering new standards. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and certifications like NSF 42 and component certification, as well as the EN-ISO 14898 European certification, Primato is setting a benchmark for purity and safety in water consumption.

Understanding NSF 42 Certification

NSF 42 certification plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and quality of drinking water. This certification is given to water filters that meet rigorous requirements for aesthetic effects. Essentially, it assures that the filter effectively reduces chlorine, taste, odor, and particulate matters that commonly affect water's appearance, taste, and smell. NSF International, an independent organization, conducts extensive product testing and unannounced facility audits to verify that the filters continue to meet the highest industry standards.

For a product like Primato Filters to receive NSF 42 certification, it must undergo a multi-step process. This includes a thorough evaluation of the materials to ensure they are safe and do not leach harmful substances into water. The product's performance is also tested, confirming that it can effectively filter out specified contaminants. Furthermore, the manufacturing process is reviewed for consistency and quality assurance. Primato's commitment to this certification underscores its dedication to providing high-quality, safe, and effective water filtration solutions.

The Significance of NSF Component Certification

NSF component certification is another critical aspect of water safety standards. This certification is given to individual components used in water treatment systems, such as carbon filters, membranes, or UV systems. The certification ensures that these components meet strict health and safety standards, contributing to the overall effectiveness and safety of the final water treatment system.

Primato Filters’ adherence to NSF component certification speaks to their commitment to comprehensive safety. By ensuring that each part of their filtration system meets these high standards, they provide an added layer of assurance to consumers regarding the safety and quality of their water.

The Importance of EN-ISO 14898 European Certification

Beyond NSF certifications, Primato Filters also boasts the EN-ISO 14898 European certification. This certification is significant as it demonstrates compliance with stringent European standards for water treatment products. The EN-ISO 14898 certification covers a broad range of requirements, including performance, safety, and environmental impact. It is a comprehensive standard that ensures products not only purify water effectively but also do so in an environmentally responsible manner.

Having the EN-ISO 14898 certification means that Primato Filters meet the high expectations of European regulatory requirements. This is particularly important for consumers in Europe, who can be assured of the product's quality, efficacy, and safety. Furthermore, it positions Primato as a global leader in water filtration, capable of meeting diverse and stringent international standards.

The Importance of ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Primato's distinction in achieving the ISO 9001:2015 certification for distributing, selling, and manufacturing water filters underscores their excellence and reliability in the water filtration industry. This certification is not just a standard; it represents a commitment to a rigorous quality management system that permeates every aspect of their operations. By adhering to these high standards, Primato ensures that from the initial design and manufacturing stages to the final distribution and sale, every process is executed with precision and a focus on quality. This comprehensive approach guarantees that each product meets not only the technical specifications required for effective water filtration but also embodies the trust and reliability that customers expect. In a market where the safety and effectiveness of products are paramount, Primato's ISO 9001:2015 certification is a clear indication of their dedication to delivering excellence at every stage of their operation, reinforcing their reputation as a trusted leader in water filtration solutions.


Primato Filters' commitment to these certifications highlights their dedication to pioneering new standards in water safety. With NSF 42 and component certifications, along with the EN-ISO 14898 European certification, Primato is not just ensuring the safety and quality of water but also leading the industry towards more rigorous, health-conscious practices.

As the world grapples with challenges of water purity and safety, Primato Filters stands out as a beacon of innovation and trust. Consumers can rest assured that with Primato, they are not just getting a product that meets the basic requirements of water filtration, but one that exceeds global standards, offering unparalleled safety and purity in every drop.


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