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Meet the Greek Water Filters Manufactured in Thessaloniki

by Γιάννης Μπουζάνας
Greek water filters

Taking into account the need of the greek market for quality water filtration systems, we began in 2018 to produce greek devices in Thessaloniki, where the headquarters of our company are located. Due to the wide range of these devices, we manage to meet all our customers’ needs, both those who want to install a countertop filter and those who need an under-sink filter.

Our filters are accompanied by a certificate of suitability for food contact for their plastic material (PP-polypropylene) and its color, as well as the material (TPE) and the color of the flange. The raw materials for the manufacturing of the device originate from Greece, Germany and the United Kingdom. Even the bases of all under-sink filters are manufactured in Thessaloniki from high quality stainless steel.

Each device that comes out of the mold is thoroughly checked by hand for any imperfections. In a second stage, during order preparation, water filters are re-checked to make sure they have not been damaged when shipped from the factory to our warehouses.

Before putting these devices on the market, we have been doing internal closed circuit pump tests for 3 months, as well as pressure tests up to 9 bar for 5 consecutive days. However, the pressure on greek urban water networks does not exceed 3 bar.

The devices are fully recyclable, engraved with the recycling symbol as well as the construction material, so that the processing companies know exactly how to recycle them. Of course, we are confident that these devices will accompany you throughout your life, so we offer a 10-year warranty!

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