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Last Week's Water News

by Γιάννης Μπουζάνας
Last Week's Water News

Let's look last week's water news:

  • A single shower using products made of plastic microspheres can cause as a result 100,000 plastic particles to enter the ocean. Governments are being pressured by environmentalists to stop using these plastics.
  • Water in a Montana Shelter Shelter is contaminated with Uranium.
  • Researchers have discovered that Gwynns Falls, located in the Baltimore West District, is contaminated not only with untreated sewage from the city's sewer system but also with high levels of pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs.
  • About 4500 people in Havelock North, New Zealand, were infected with a gastrointestinal infection associated with campylobacter bacteria found in the city's water network. Authorities suspect it comes from bacteria from animal feces.
  • Hydrogen sulphide levels in Salton Sea continue to climb and the intense stench grows together.
  • The market associated with activated alumina used for various uses in water treatment, including fluoride removal, is expected to reach $ 1,110 million by 2024.
  • A public radio station in Germany caused strong reactions and criticism when it stated that Israel did not provide enough water to the Palestinians.
  • A Canadian animal rights champion was arrested for giving water to pigs in a slaughterhouse.
  • Hawaii is expected to ban tourists from swimming with dolphins.
  • Approximately 7 billion gallons of water are lost every day from the leakage of water supply systems in cities.
  • The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Committee on the pole announced that it will stiffen the rules of conduct for the 2016 -17 season.


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