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Help me protect Antarctica

by Γιάννης Μπουζάνας

Help me protect Antarctica!

Bella Papadopoulou Dobrowolska, 24, is chasing her dream for a better world. On February 28, she begins a different journey to Antarctica, as one of the 30 selected members of the "2041 Antarctic Youth Ambassador" program, which aims to awaken us to meet the challenges of global warming.

A restless spirit - a "child with a star", as described by those who know her "- Bella Papadopoulou embarks on a different journey on February 28, on a trip to Antarctica, as one of the 30 selected members of Robert Swan's International Antarctic Expedition 2013 ( i.e. polar explorer) and the 2041 Antarctic Youth Ambassador program.

The problems of the planet in relation to the environment worried Bella from a very young age. " I have always had a great interest and even greater love for the environment. I thought that with everything that happens, melting ice, seas full of oil and plastic, the disappearing Amazon, are all problems to which we need to give the 'voice' they deserve. So I decided to specialize in environmental journalism to 'lend' them my own " Bella tells us.

She admits, however, that saving the planet on her own is hard work, which is why she is looking for supporters in her fight for Antarctica. For this reason, she has developed the helpmeprotectantarctica website, where she explains in detail the whole project and seeks support in order to complete her mission. The website also sells some small items with penguins, in order to cover the cost of travelling.

Antarctica is not Bella's first "mission". She has been by the side of the Fiji Islands natives teaching them how to recycle, and has traveled as far as Vietnam to teach English to homeless children.
Currently, as she prepares to leave for Antarctica, she lives in a small town in northeastern Brazil called Itacaré. There, she teaches children from the poorest neighborhoods to cook with solar energy (solar cooking).

Such initiatives should not be left unexploited!
Even more, they must ... wake us up!

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