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Thessaloniki: Which Are The Best Water Filters?

by Γιάννης Μπουζάνας
Thessaloniki: Which Are The Best Water Filters?

Which are the best water filters for Thessaloniki?

The main and most significant problem in Thessaloniki is water and how harmful it is to our health. At the time when these lines were written (June 2018), the Thessaloniki network was disbanded for the third time since the beginning of the year, causing residents to experience intense water shortages. Those "lucky" few with water, they had watter which was dirty and full of mud. Last year (2017), oil balls appeared in the Kalochori aqueduct.

Chlorine that contains city water basically disinfects water from various pathogens, but we do not want it in our glass. This is because chlorine generates several byproducts, one of which is chloroform. It affects the odor and taste of water, which is also affected by other factors such as salts, soil, industrial waste, color, nitrates and various other substances contained in the water we drink. The solution is, of course, domestic water filters. Let's look at some filters that are suitable for the city of Thessaloniki:

watts φίλτρο νερού άνω πάγκουWATTS Countertop filter

Connect to your kitchen faucet easily and quickly in seconds and without the help of a plumber. It has NSF - USA certification.

With a turn of the switch you enjoy filtered, delicious and crystal clear water, or unfiltered water to wash dishes.

It is manufactured in the USA by the number 1 US company, WATTS WATER TECHNOLOGIES.

10 years warranty.

The Replacement Active Carbon Filter is made from the coconut crust!

This filter is suitable for most areas of the city. If you upgrade the replacement filter to PREMIUM LRC 0.5μm (able to remove lead) then you can also use it for the city center where the levels of lead are high.

doulton hcs water filterDoulton Countertop Water Filter:

It is English-made and prices range from 110 to 165 euros (if you choose the stainless one). It contains the Doulton UltraCarb replacement filter which reduces the harmful elements of water (eg chlorine, chemicals, lead etc.) and improves its odor and taste. It has NSF certification.

It is manufactured in England by the No1 company in Europe, DOULTON. Primato Hellas is the official distributor of these filters in Greece.

10 years warranty.

The ULTRA CARB replacement filter consists of ceramic material as well as solid activated carbon with a permeability of 0.5μm

Suitable for all areas of the city as well as the city center.

Primato φίλτρο νερού άνω πάγκουPrimato Water Filter

It is American-made and costs 80 euros. Reduces a large list of hazardous contaminants and chemicals and offers crystal clear water.

With a turn of the switch you enjoy filtered, delicious and crystal clear water, or unfiltered water to wash dishes.

10 years warranty.

NSF Certification

Suitable for all areas of the city. If you upgrade the replacement filter to PRIMATO ULTRA PB you will also be able to use it in the city center as this filter is able to reduce lead.

διπλό φίλτρο νερού κάτω πάγκου WATTSWATTS Double Under-Sink Watter Filter

In some areas of Thessaloniki the water contains enough soil (eg Pilea, Thermi, Kalamaria etc.). If you have soil in your area, then you should place a double filter (either above or below the bench). For example, we recommend this WATTS filter placed beneath your kitchen sink and connected to the cold tap water supply. This means practically that whenever you open your tap in the cold, the water will be filtered.

In the first stage, a solid filter reduces soil, sludge and rust. But it essentially protects the second stage from being blocked. So in the second stage you can put a narrower filter, such as the PREMIUM LRC with a 0.5μm permeability that can even reduce the lead. If you are upgrading to PREMIUM LRC in the second stage, then you can also use this filter for the city center. Otherwise, this filter is suitable for all areas of the city and especially for areas with dirt.

Of course, as with all the filters we have in our store, it comes with a 10 year warranty.

Doulton φίλτρο νερού κάτω πάγκουUnder-Sink Water Filter Doulton HIP - made in UK

If you do not want to needlessly spend your filter as in the above case (where each time you open your faucet to cold water passes through the filter), you can place a filter under the bench but own separate faucet only for filtered water. You should of course make a small hole in your kitchen counter (just 1cm in diameter) to install it. The advantages of these filters are of course that the filter is only used for drinking water and not for dishwashing. This increases its lifespan.Typically, for the city of Thessaloniki, replacement filters change once a year if you have a separate plug. For example, we have listed this Doulton filter, but we have several other great filters in our store.

This filter is manufactured in England. It is placed beneath your kitchen counter and features a unique, exclusive faucet only for filtered water. It reduces the most "difficult" harmful substances, heavy metals and a large list of chemicals. It is ideal for the center of Thessaloniki and for areas with high levels of lead.

If you live in an area with plenty of soil in your tap water, then you would prefer a double under-sink filter to reduce soil in the first stage.

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us at +30 2310 383 588. We will be glad to serve you!


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