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Stop wasting water

by Γιάννης Μπουζάνας

φρένο στη σπατάλη νερού

Recent studies have shown that Greece is the first among EU countries in water waste. This is not at all something our country should be admired for, especially at this time when we are at the center of the whole world due to the economic crisis. So instead of doing things that will further discredit our country, let us do something good for it. What do you think?

Have you ever wondered, how much water would we save if we were careful not much, but a little in its rational use? Of course not. Why; Because, quite simply, when we have something in abundance, we never take into account what might happen next. And what can happen next? Unfortunately a lot of irreversible things.
Well, the wise people used to say that you have to be cautious in order not to be deprived of anything. And in the case of water, I will add that we have to be twice as cautious, if not triple.

According to research, the daily waste of water in a household is as follows: 50-55 liters in the kitchen (dishwasher, kitchen faucet), as much in the bathroom (shower, bathroom faucet), as well as 40-45 liters only for the toilet flush!
With a few, simple changes in our daily habits we can save more than half of the water we spend in our household.
There are three basic things that we all need pay attention to for a more rational distribution of water.

ορθολογική διανομή νερού

First of all, we must regularly check the plumbing of the house for any leaks. Did you know that a dripping tap loses about 10 gallons of water a week? I do not think so, otherwise you would not be too lazy to fix it. And do not tell me that it is difficult or that you're not very skillful, I won't believe you. Because the solution is very simple, just tighten them a little bit. If this still sounds like a piece of cake, then the five-minute (and I say a lot) general check of all house plumbing (inside and out) will seem even easier. "Spend" five minutes of your "precious" time, once a month and people in the future will thank you for it. Because for them water will be more valuable than time.

μην ποτίζετε με το λάστιχο

Next, you should restrict the use of water for watering orchards with vegetables, washing yards, balconies, cars and sidewalks. No more running water in the gutter for hours while you do other chores around the house. Find time to water your yard (or vegetable gardens), otherwise, a timer will be very useful. It will save you money and water. Enough with the car washing for 3 hours outside in the yard. DO NOT let the water run for hours while you lather the car under the pretext that the tap is left open to water the flowers, when we all know very well that the water ends up aimlessly in the street. Besides restricting the washing of yards and balconies, it is better to clean them with the broom. To close the trilogy, enough with he reckless waste of water on the household and on our personal hygiene. If you haven’t heard of the special water filters that help you clean, besides saving you money and water, then you have fallen behind a bit. This is the solution for households and I highly recommend it. As for our personal hygiene, we should turn off the tap when we take a bath, we are not Cleopatra.

If 2 out of 10 people followed these 3 simple tips, our world would be full of clean, drinking water. But, unfortunately, human ingratitude for the goods that nature has generously offered us is big, and as time goes by, it becomes bigger and bigger. Therefore, as I mentioned before, we must be careful and do these 3 simple things, so we will help not only the environment but also our pocket.
I have made it, what about you?

In the next article, we will refer to 10+ simple ways to control water waste inside your home.

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