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Some facts about water

by Γιάννης Μπουζάνας

The Earth contains 366,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons or 1,385,000,000,000,000,000,000 liters of water.

Only 0.007% of it is drinkable.
Today, 7 billion people share this valuable asset.
The ice in Kilimanjaro has shrunk by 85% in the last 100 years.
The Aral Sea was once the second largest lake in Asia. Now it is one-tenth the size its was 50 years ago.
Mexico City groundwater depletion sank the city by 9 meters. 2 million people lack access to water through water pipes.
1.2 billion people do not have access to clean water.
A cup of coffee from Starbucks needs 140 liters of water. One burger in a popular fast-food chain needs about 10 tons of water to be produced.
In the last century, the population of the Earth has tripled.
Water consumption has increased by 6 times!
More people have a mobile phone than access to clean water!
Water consumption in America is 571 liters per person per day.
In Europe, a person consumes 250 liters per day.
In sub-Saharan Africa, the average per capita consumption is 19 liters per day.
Water sustains agriculture, industry, energy and ultimately life!

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George Margiolos

George Margiolos was born in Thessaloniki and has graduated from the Department of Marketing of the Alexandreio Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki. He is fluent in English and (not so fluent) in German.

Ηe has been Project Manager at Avery Dennison - Fastener Division in the UK. There, his main project was to redesign the company's products into new applications so as to become more environmentally friendly. In combination with the fact that in the UK people are more familiar with water filters, he has developed a love for environmentally friendly water filters, which reduce the use of plastic bottles and improving people's quality of life.

Since 2008, he has published over 300 unique educational and informative articles on water filters and new water treatment technologies.

Occasionally, universities and doctoral students request to use George Margiolos' articles in their research because of their quality and uniqueness.