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KALYS Compact-P Reverse Osmosis with pump

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With a permeability of just 0.0001 micron, this reverse osmosis removes all the harmful elements such as lead, nitrate, arsenic, chromium, microbes, microorganisms, cysts, bacteria, pesticides etc. from the water.

All filters available are QUICK CHANGE, that is, fast change.

It has an electric pump to withstand low pressure networks.

Ideal for areas with severe water quality problems, even for drilling water.

It has anti-flood protection as well as low and high pressure protection.

It includes a pressure regulator to keep the system at the desired pressure to work seamlessly for a lifetime.

It's incredibly stylish as all parts and filters are inside the plastic box. With this filter you will be able to enjoy the water of your home without fear of yourself and your family.

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Reverse Osmosis KALYS:

  • Produces water with zero conductivity and is ideal for islands, for areas with very hard water, nitrates, arsenic, iron, manganese, heavy metals etc. It removes all the harmful substances completely from the water.
  • It includes all accessories for connection. It is placed under the kitchen counter and requires experienced hands or plumbing for installation. Due to the compact construction of the filter, it is ideal for cabinets with little space.
  • It has a separate tap only for filtered water (the luxury tap PRIMATO DELUXE 101). Available taps
  • It has an 8L tank where clean water is stored. The tank is needed because water is produced very slowly by reverse osmosis. With the tank you do not have to wait anytime to enjoy a glass with crystal clear water.
  • It has an electric pump 220 – 24VDC, LF-30L.The pump helps to filter the water faster and is ideal if you have low pressure in your home. The integrated pressure regulator ensures that the pressure is within the allowable levels (1 - 3 bar) for the correct operation of the system. The pump also helps to eject less water in the kitchen drain.
  • It has low pressure protection. This means that if for some reason the water pressure is low or zero (eg a water cut off) then the system and the water pump will stop working. It also has high pressure protection. This means that when the water tank is filled, the system stops working as well as the electrical pump.
  • It is manufactured by the Spanish company Fluxtex.
  • It is "compact" (compact) and also all accessories, filters, tank etc. are a beautiful box. As soon as you receive the package, all you need to connect is the drain pipe, the pipe that goes into the tap and the water pipe that gives water to the system.
quick change cartridge PPIt has anti-flood protection. If for some reason water is gathered due to a water leak, then the system automatically stops working. This system is connected before the water enters the system. Its operation is quite simple: The flood protection system is armed with a special compressed material (like pressed cotton) which, when inflated, pushes the trigger upwards. Once the trigger is thrown up then it immediately cuts the water supply to reverse osmosis.
  • Replacement filters are "QUICK CHANGE" type, which mean rapid change. This means that you do not have to unscrew anything or force power to change the replacement filters. Just gently turn the spare filter to the left with your hand to get out. To install the new replacement, simply push and rotate it clockwise. The filters must be replaced once a year.
  • Operating temperature 5 – 35ºC
  • Highest TDS allowed for proper operation 1.000 ppm

Filtering stages:

quick change cartridge PPIn the first stage the water passes through the polypropylene (PP) penetration filter 10 μ (1 μm = 1 millimeter). At this stage, dirt, dirt, rust and sludge are retained. This filter protects the activated carbon filters in the next stages of water filtration.
quick change cartridge PPIn the second stage the water is filtered from the granular activated carbon filter. This filter reduces chlorine, chloroform, unpleasant taste, odor and various chemicals.
quick change cartridge PPIn the third stage, the water is filtered from the compact activated carbon filter with a permeability of 0.5 microns. This filter reduces chlorine, organic volatile compounds (VOCs), organic chemicals, unpleasant taste and odor, suspended particles, turbidity, sand, rust and other pollutants that contaminate water.
quick change cartridge PPThe fourth stage of this filter is the reverse osmosis membrane. The membrane has a permeability of 0.0001 microns. Here, the salts, nitrates, chromium, male, poisons, microbes and bacteria are filtered. The water is then stored in the tank. Once you open the tap, the water will go through the fifth and final filtration stages. The membrane production is 75GPD (gallons per day, i.e. 284L).
quick change cartridge PPAfter the fourth stage the water is stored in the tank. But when you open the tap and draw water from the tank, then the water passes through the fifth stage, which is an anti-microbial carbon filter impregnated with bistrostatal silver (NANO SILVER). This stage is also used as a flavor enhancer as water from reverse osmosis has a fairly "dry" flavor.

Reverse osmosis technology is currently the best water filtration technology in the world. It consists of areas with very difficult water (salts, heavy metals, carcinogens, arsenic etc).

"How do I choose the right cartridge for my water filter?"

Below the "Add to cart" button you can click on "HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT FILTER". A text will appear on your screen summarizing the functions of available replacement filters for this water filter. Other replacement filters fit into your housing as well, but because there are a lot, we only recommend specific filters.

Also, just below the product description, you will see the available cartridges. If you click on the quick view "eye" you will see a summary of the specific cartridge. If you click on the image, you will be taken to the cartridge page where you can see more details. If you have not yet decided which replacement filter is right for your water filter, simply contact us! We will be happy to assist you!

"Should I install a filter on the counter or under the kitchen counter?"

This depends on your needs and the available space in your kitchen. Generally speaking, the countertop filters can be installed in seconds, but they take up space on the kitchen counter. Under-sink filters do not require space on the bench, but they need skilled hands for installation or even a plumber.

"I do not know if I need a single, double or triple filter"

If you are having problem with your water's bad taste and odour, then you need a single filter. But if you also have a lot of dirt in your water, then you need a double filter - the first stage will be a filter for reducing mud and the second one an activated carbon filter for reducing chemicals. But if you have 3 problems (eg hard water, mud and bad taste), then you need a triple filter, one for the reduction of scale, one for the mud and one for improving taste and reducing chemicals. If you use drilling water then you need a reverse osmosis filter. Whatever problem you are facing with your water, if you are not sure, just contact us! We will be glad to find the right water filter!

"How do I remember when to change my cartridge?"

Forget abou it! When it's time to change your cartridge, we'll call you or email you to remind you!

"If some part of the filter breaks, do you have spare parts?"

We have all the parts you may need for your water filer.

"What does the warranty include?"

In order for the warranty to be valid, you must maintain the filter correctly (of course it's not valid if you break it yourself and you should use the cartridges displayed in our website. If you clean your water filter internally every time you change the filters and if you change the filters at the scheduled time, your water filter should last for many, many, many years. If, however, your water filter has a problem of our own fault, (even if it was damaged during transportation) , we immediately take it back at our own expense and send a new one as soon as possible.

"I have lost the wrench and can not unscrew the device to change the cartridge"

We have all the parts you may need for your water filter, including the wrench. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

"I can't or I don't want to order electronically. Is there any other way?"

Of course! Just call us at +30 2310 383 588 and we'll take your order over the phone!

"I want to pay using my credit/debit card, but I do'nt have good computer knowledge."

No problem! Just call us at +30 2310 383 588 while you are on your computer and we will help you order online step by step.

"How long does the courier need to deliver the products to my house?"

Click on the "SHIPPING AND PAYMENT COSTS" located under the product's price for details.

"What if my water's quality changes?"

Contact us to find the right filter for you or browse our website to check all the available cartridges.

"Who will install the filter?"

Each water filter includes instructions in case you want to install the water filter yourselves. We've also made installation videos. You will find them on the product page you are interested in. Of course our experienced technicians are always on duty and at your disposal if you need assistance!

Excellent product, excellent service, friendly staff.
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