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BRITA On Tap - faucet water filer

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This faucet filter offers you great tasting water without harmful substances. You can connect it easily to your faucet in just a few minutes without the need of tools or a plumber.

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  • It connects directly to your kitchen's faucet and delivers instantly clean and delicious water.
  • It has an electronic replacement change indicator to know exactly when to change the filter.
  • Installation is easy and does not require the use of tools.
  • It has a switch to change easily between filtered water and unfiltered water.

The replacement filter cartridge:

  • It consists of solid activated carbon which reduces chlorine and its derivatives such as chloroform, trihalomethanes, industrial wastes, microorganisms, rust, soil, sludges, stones, lead, insecticides (eg diurone, atrazine), disinfectants, various volatile organic compounds substances (VOCs), turbidity and various other harmful substances.
  • It has a life of 3 months or 1200 liters of filtered water. Of course, life can change depending on the quality of water in your area.
  • To change the filter: Unscrew the bottom cap of the filter and remove the old filter. Screw the new filter and you're ready! Do not forget to re-set the filter change indicator.

Electronic replacement filter change indicator:

The electronic indicator is located on the device cover. The battery for the electronic display is on the device, you just have to put it in place. It counts 3 months until you need to change the filter. Flashing green for 90% of the time. As soon as the time comes to change the filter, it will flash in yellow and will eventually flash in red, warning you to speed up the replacement of the filter cartridge.

Τη συσκευή αυτή την χρησιμοποιώ μια δεκαετία γεμάτη είναι εξερετικης ποιότητας απλά κάθε ενάμιση με δυο χρόνια περνώ όλο το σετ γιατί η πεταλούδα απο τη χρήση και τα άλατα σπάει. Επίσης είναι ένα πολύ καλό δώρο για όποιον αγαπάμε και θελουμε να τον βάλουμε στο τριπάκι της ποιότητας αυτής.
Πολύ καλο φίλτρο! Η γεύση του νερού ειναι πολύ καθαρή.
Είχα την κανάτα Brita αποφάσισα να δοκιμάσω και το φίλτρο βρύσης. Η εταιρεία είναι εγγύηση και η ποιότητα του νερού είναι εξαιρετική. Θα τα πούμε ξανά σε 4 μήνες για την αλλαγή του φίλτρου!
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