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Water Filters in Cyprus

If you are in Cyprus and you are interested in a water filter, then this article will clarify everything for you.

In 2016, labs analysed 2,072 water samples for 24,212 different chemical parameters. Very few of these samples were outside the acceptable limits. The microbiological quality of drinking water is considered quite good. Of course, there are a few problems, but mainly in small communities that get water from sources that are not chlorinated.

One of the problems with drinking water in Cyprus is that it is not enough! Cyprus uses large desalination plants that take seawater and turn it into drinking water to meet the needs of its citizens. Also, from time to time, especially in the past, Cyprus imports water (in big tanks) from Greece.

A good solution is to use water filters to purify water that may come from different sources.

How water filters work

The water is chlorinated to disinfect and make it drinkable. So chlorine is the cheapest way to enjoy safe water. Chlorine itself, however, leaves a rather bad odor and creates several by-products such as chloroform. Also, chlorine cannot remove all harmful elements from water such as lead and heavy metals. However, if you install a water filter in your home, you will be able to drink water without the substances that are harmful to the body. Water comes to your house chlorinated, so it is already disinfected, and at the last minute, the water filter removes chlorine and other substances and gives you fresh and crystal clear water.

Where to install a water filter

You can install a water filter on your kitchen counter or even under the counter. Choose the right filter for you according to your needs, how many people will use the filter and the water quality in your area.

Countertop water filters - suitable for Cyprus

Here you can see countertop water filters that are suitable for Cyprus. Countertop filters are placed on your kitchen counter, next to the sink. They are connected to the kitchen faucet with a diverter with which you can select filtered water to drink or unfiltered water for other uses such as washing dishes.

Under-sink water filters - suitable for Cyprus

Check out these under-sink water filters. These are installed under you kitchen counter and save you space. You can either connect them directly to your cold water supply or with a seperate faucet. You can also use a three way faucet which has two handles: one for filtered water and one for unfiltered water.

LifeStraw® survival water filter for coin acceptors

In Cyprus, many people use water from coin acceptors. If you are not sure about the water quality of the coin acceptors or if you just want an extra line of protection, then you can try these LifeStraw® water bottles that have a special survival water filters with Ultrafiltration membranes.