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Self-cleaning water filter Puricom 723619

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Puricom 723619
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This exceptional filter is made by the Spanish company Puricom and reduces the soil, the sludge and the rust from the water at your home. It is self-cleaning, meaning that the dirt is removed from the replacement filter with the spin of a switch. It comes with a key so that you quickly and easily change the filter, as well as a base with all the accessories and a pressure gauge so that you always monitor the pressure in your water supply network.

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  • It is manufactured by the Spanish company Puricom.
  • Water inlet-outlet 3/4".
  • It includes a stainless steel screen filter with 40 μm permeability that contains soil, sludge, stones and rust.
  • It is installed in the main water supply network (water meter) and cleans all water supplied to your house.
  • When the replacement filter starts to clog, then you can simply open the cleaning valve. In this way, the water entering the filter cleans the replacement and excreted the dirty water (you can use a bucket to collect this water). Alternatively, you can connect this outlet through a 3/8 hose with a flush or the drainage or simply redirect the water.
  • It also includes a pressure gauge which measures your network pressure.
  • A plastic base and accessories are included in case you need to screw the filter on the wall or on another surface.
  • It has a special wrench to unscrew the device easily and quickly. Therefore, the spare part replacement takes only a few seconds.
  • Once you have changed the replacement, you can set the month indicator in order to remember when you last changed the filter.
  • It comes with a two-year guarantee.
  • This is the replacement.

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