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Self-cleaning whole house water filter PULIFIL FT012 1" F

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Special brushes clean the spare filter and eliminate dirt when you turn on the self-cleaning switch. It is made in Italy.
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The device

pulifil φωτογραφία
  • It is made in Italy by ACQUA BREVETTI.
  • The head is made from highly durable brass.
  • The body and the pressure valve are made from the patented material Trogamid®, suitable for food and potable water.
  • It reduces stones, rust, sediments, soil and mud.
  • It is designed to withstand hydraulic shocks more than conventional filters in the market.
  • The spare filter consists of a stainless steel mesh.
  • It can be cleaned with a simple movement of a rotary knob. Special brushes rotate and at the same time remove the particles from the stainless steel filter mesh. Then, they move to the pressure valve where they are removed from the filter.
  • Water flow 6 - 9.6 m³/hour
  • Water inlet and outlet cross-section 1 inch
  • Maximum operation pressure 16 bar
  • Water temperature 5 - 30 C°
  • Filtration pores 89 micron (millimeters of millimeter)
  • Width 10.5 cm, Height 31 cm


pulifil διαστάσεις
  • Width (Α) 10 cm
  • Height (Β) 30 cm
  • Height from connection (C) 22.5 cm
  • Distance from the ground (D) at least 40 cm
  • Depth (Ε) 10.1 cm

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