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Whole house water filter 5" with wrench and base PRIMATO CEL-5-12

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PRIMATO CEL-5-12 has a water inlet and outlet of 1/2 inch. It reduces dirt, mud, particles and rust from your water. It comes with a wrench, a plastic base with screws and a wound cartridge. Height 5".

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  • Installs on your mains water supply.
  • Water inlet and outlet 1/2"
  • Includes wound cartridge that reduces dirt, rust and particles.
  • You can fit many 5" cartridges in this housing
  • Includes wrench to easily change the cartridge
  • Includes a plastic base and screws in case you need to fix it on the wall.
  • It's transparent so that you know when to replace the cartridge.
  • Includes a decompression valve to easily change the cartridge.
  • Made in Italy

How to replace the cartridge:

1. Shut off your house's main water supply. You might have a valve next or around the filter that will help you do so.

2. Unscrew the decompression valve slowly. Water will start running from the valve. This will help you unscrew the housing easily using the wrench which is provided with the packaging.

3. Throw away the old cartridge and insert the new one. Tighten the housing with the wrench if you need to.

4. Open the house's main water supply and check for leaks.


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