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Self-cleaning water filter BRAVO FT314 C / MANOMETER 1 " Diameter

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A small but powerful filter for your main water supply. It is self-cleaning. All you have to do to clean the filter is open the pressure valve.

It has a manometer so that you know the pressure of your network.

It includes a stainless steel spare filter 304.

It is made in Italy.

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The device

bravo φωτογραφία
  • It is self-cleaning. That is, you do not need to unscrew it to clean the spare part. Just open the pressure valve at the bottom of the filter, allowing it to clean the filter from the inside out.
  • For deeper cleaning of the spare part, a special cleaning brush of the stainless steel spare filter is included in the package.
  • It is made in Italy by ACQUA BREVETTI.
  • The head is made from durable brass.
  • The body and the pressure valve are made from Trogamid® (durable polyamide), suitable for food and potable water.
  • It reduces stones, rust, sediments, soil and mud.
  • It has a pressure valve that cleans the spare filter.
  • The spare filter consists of a stainless steel mesh. When it clogs, just take it out of the device and clean it with the special brush.
  • It includes a special spanner to unscrew the device when you need to clean the internal filter.
  • Water flow 5.1 - 8.7 m³/hour.
  • The manometer shows 0 - 12 bar.
  • Water inlet and outlet cross-section 1 inch.
  • Operation pressure 1.5 - 12 bar
  • Water temperature 5 - 30 C°
  • Filtering pores 89 micron (millimeters of the millimeter)


διαστάσεις συσκευής
  • Width (Α) 8 cm
  • Height (B) 27 cm
  • Height in connection (C) 19.7 cm
  • Distance from the ground (D) 30 cm
  • Depth (Ε) 7.1 cm

The spare filter

ανταλλακτικό για bravo

Company code: 99009001 ASSIEME CARTUCCIA 89 m.C/O.RING

It is made from high quality stainless steel 304.

You can see here the spare filter

Αρετή Σκέπου
Πολύ εύχρηστο ακόμα και για εμασ τις νοικοκυρές. Γυρίζοντας το βανάκι αδειάζει οτι έχει μαζέψει. Τόσο απλά!
Βασίλης π.
Πολύ συγκράτηση στερεών και πολύ οικονομικό αν σκεφτείς οτι δεν χρειάζεσαι για χρόνια ανταλλακτικά.


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