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Primato BIG BLUE water filter

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Primato BIG BLUE water filter can withstand the harshest temperature and pressure conditions. It reduces dirt, mud, particles and rust from your water. You can select a different cartridge for this housing.

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The housing:

  • Height 10 inches (aprox 25cm)
  • Made of high quality polypropelene
  • Maximum working pressure 90 PSI (6,2bar).
  • Normal pressure in cities should be around 1,5 to 3 bars
  • Can withstand temperatures of 52 C
The cartridge:
  • Polypropelene cartridge has a permeability of 25 microns.
  • It can reduce dirt, mud, particles and rust from your water
  • A variety of cartridges can fit to your housing, depending on your needs and water quality
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