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Self-cleaning automated water filter BRAVOMATIC FT032 1"

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bravomatic FT032
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Self-cleaning and fully automatic filter for your central supply with 30μm permeability. All you have to do is install it on your provider!

Made in Italy

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BRAVOMATIC main water supply filter

bravomatic side
  • It is a self-cleaning and fully automatic water filtering device for the central supply. 
  • Requires electricity 220V/50Hz.
  • The BravoMATIC base can be rotated 180°
  • Manufactured in Italy by ACQUA BREVETTI
  • It has a non-return valve that allows the filter to be rinsed without the risk of increasing the pressure in the main water supply line.
  • The BravoMATIC is equipped with an auxiliary  cartridge that filters the water that rinses the main filter. So you always have clean water available for use.
  • The filter head is made of acetal resin, while the container is made of Grilamid® (high strength polyamide). The cartridge is made of stainless steel.
  • Reduces stones, rust, sediments, soils and mud.
  • It has a drain valve that cleans the replacement filter.
  • Includes a special key to unscrew the device when you need to clean the internal filter.
  • Water flow (ΔP=0.5 bar)  4.5 m³/hour
  • The water inlet and outlet are 1 inch in diameter
  • Operating pressure 1.5 - 10 bar
  • Water temperature 5 - 30 C°
  • Permeability 30μm
  • The equipment complies according to the Italian D.M. 174/04 and D.M. 25/12


διαστάσεις συσκευής
  • Α 17.9 cm
  • B 40.5 cm
  • C 25.3 cm
  • Minimum distance from ground (D) 40 cm
  • Ε 17.5 cm

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