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Home Water Softener Ecosoft 108 Premium

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It is made by Ecosoft Germany with CLACK USA components.

It reduces hardness and softens the water at your home.

It is ideal for domestic use.

It has a compact size.

It has 12L of DOWEX® ion exchange resin.

It features a CLACK head and components made in USA.

3-year guarantee.

Simple and detailed use and installation instructions.

Certification CE.

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In a nutshell...

Water softener Ecosoft 108 PREMIUM

It is made by Ecosoft Germany with CLACK USA components

It reduces hardness and softens the water at your home

It is ideal for domestic use

It has a compact size

It has 12L of DOWEX® ion exchange resin.

It features a CLACK head and components made in USA

Easy head programming with diagrams

3-year guarantee

Simple and detailed use and installation instructions

Certification CE

The benefits of a water softener


There is no need for softeners for your clothes since all water in the house is soft, so they come out soft and last longer. You also protect your washing machine from scale and prolong its lifespan.


You need a significantly smaller amount of detergent to achieve the same or better results.


You save energy from the more economical operation of your electrical appliances that are now becoming more efficient.


You need less shampoo and conditioner for your hair and body. Water will make more foam and will not cause irritations to sensitive skin.


In detail...

How it works

The Ecosoft 108 Premium softener has a substance called ion exchange resin. The resin exchanges the magnesium and calcium ions (that is, the salts) found in the water with sodium and potassium in the resin. However, at some point the resin is depleted and the softener has to be rinsed with coarse salt to regenerate and re-charge with sodium and potassium ions. This procedure is called regeneration and it is time consuming. During the regeneration process, the softener cannot provide you with water, so you need to schedule it to do so at times and days that suit you. You can program the softener from its digital panel to regenerate the time you want or for the liters you want. For example, you can schedule it to regenerate every 3 days in the morning when you do not need water.


Parameter Value
Water flow 0.8 m3/hour
Resin volume 12 L
Water consumption in every regeneration 0.08 m3
Regeneration duration 80 - 110 min
Pressure drop during maintenance 0.5 bar
Function pressure 2 - 6 bar
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 30 W
Piping cross section 1"
Net weight 25 kg
Dimensions (length, depth, height) 35x52x70 cm
Central operating valve Clack WS1 СЕ (USA) multifunctional control valve
Filtering medium Ion exchange resin Dowex (Dow Chemical, USA)

Regeneration scheduling with the digital panel

When the resin will run out and require regeneration depends on two factors: The hardness of your water and the amount of resin the softener has. The more liters of resin you have, the rarer it will need regeneration. The harder your water is, the more often it will need regeneration. This softener has 12L of resin. Therefore, if you know the hardness of your water, you can easily find out when the resin will run out so you can schedule your softener accordingly.

If you do not know the hardness of your water, then you can obtain a special water hardness meter.You can view here our water hardness meter. If you do not want to buy a water hardness meter, then you can ask your municipality or water supplier if it is private.

After finding out about the hardness of your water, you should apply this information into the softener through the digital panel. After updating it with the hardness information, then you should instruct it to regenerate the hours and days that are convenient for you. After this setting, the softener works automatically and you never need to do anything other than filling the softener periodically with coarse salt.

You can use the following formula to adjust the softener correctly:

1 L of resin at 20 German degrees of hardness produces 120L of soft water.

Example: You're on an island and you buy a water softener. You measure the water hardness and find it is 40 German degrees. This means that one liter of resin will produce 60 liters of soft water (half of 120 because hardness is twice as that). If your softener is of 10 liters, then you know it will produce a total of 600 liters of soft water. Then, it will need to regenerate. Therefore, after calculating how many liters you need for your home per day, you can schedule the softener to regenerate just before it reaches 600 liters.

Of course, you can simply measure the hardness and call us on +30 2310 383 588 to calculate exactly how many liters of water your softener will produce.

General information on water hardness

Water Hardness is measured in mg / l or parts per million (ppm) as well as in french, german or english degrees.

1 ppm = 0,1ºf (french degrees) = 0,0556 ºd (german degrees) = 0,07 ºe (english degrees). So 1ºf (french degree) = 10 ppm

If we divide the ppm of water by 10, then we have the water hardness number with a very slight deviation of 2-3 ºf French.

You can measure the conductivity of your water with a meter that measures it in ppm (parts per million). Check out the chart below to know how soft or hard the water in your area is:

ppm μS/cm f (french degrees) Water characterization
0-70 0-140 0-7 Vey soft water
70-150 140-300 7-15 Soft water
150-250 300-500 15-25 Slightly hard water
250-320 500-640 25-32 Quite hard water
320-420 640-840 32-42 Hard water
>420 >840 >42 Very hard water
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