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Ultra Violet Lamp. Primato UV-10000

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UVlight 10000
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Ultra Violet lamp Primato UV 10000 kills all microbes and bacteria from your water.

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  • Kills viruses and bacteria in the water.
  • It is common knowledge that sun rays can be used for sterilization. In fact, from all sun's rays, only the ultraviolet have this ability.
  • Ultraviolet radiation was discovered 200 years ago. Since then and years of experimentation and research, science has confirmed that it is a great way to kill viruses and bacteria.
  • Ultraviolet radiation is divided into A, B, C waves. 240-260nm of beam C is the most effective. The strongest point is 253.7nm.
  • It kills the DNA of viruses and bacteria by preventing their reproduction.

Technical specifications:

  • Water flow 10 m3 per hour
  • Current 220V / 50Hz
  • Dimensions 24cm x 64.1cm
  • Maximum temperature 50C
  • The water inlet and outlet is 2 inch.
  • Maximum pressure 6 bar
  • Manufactured from 304 stainless steel.
  • Made in Belgium
  • Average lamp life 5000 hours
  • Phillips 95W lamp
  • Radiation performance A class 40 mj/cm2

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