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Aqiarium Compact 3-stages Reverse Osmosis. Primato AQ-Compact-RO-3

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This aquarium reverse osmosis is perfect if you want to maintain a healthy environment for your fish. It produces water with zero conductivity

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  • Reverse osmosis revomes all harmful substances from water and offers your fish a healthy environment.
  • It produces water with zero conductivity
  • First stage removes dirt, mud, rust and particles from water. It protects the next stages from clogging.
  • Second stage (activated carbon filter from coconut) removes chlorine, chloroform, total organic carbon, industrial organic compounds (tetrachlorethylene, trichlorethylene), dissolved organic compounds, organic color, dissolved iron, manganese and a wide list of chemicals.
  • Water then passes through the RO membrane which has a permeability of 0,0001 microns. Heavy metals (eg lead), hardness, arsenic, nitrates and microbes are removed in this stage of water treatment.
  • This filter has 3 tube. One tube is connected to your kitchen faucet or your wc faucet. This is the inlet water tube.
  • Place the second tube to your kitchen or wc sink, as this is the drain tube.
  • The third tube is the clean water. Use it to full your aquarium with purifed and clean water.
  • Check cartridges for this water filter here
  • RO membranes for this water filter

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