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Professional Reverse Osmosis Primato RO6000

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Produces 6000 galons (22700 L) of super clean water with zero conductivity per day. It is recommended for small companies and industries that need big quantities of crystal clear water.

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  • Professional reverse osmosis is ideal for small companies, crafts and industries that need filtered water up to 6000 galons (22700 L) per day.
  • The system operates at pressures of 150-250 PSI.
  • The water first passes through a propylene filter with a permeability of 5 microns. The water then passes through an activated carbon filter. The pre-filters have a height of 20 inches and the devices are heavy duty to handle the difficult artisanal requirements.
  • Reverse Osmosis features a2,8KW - 4HP 0.75KW - 1HP water pump to facilitate water flow and quickly deliver water without delaying production.
  • The water then passes through 4 osmosis membranes where it is filtered with a permeability of 0,0001 microns. To give you a rough idea of how "narrow" the filtration is, human hair have a permeability of 100 microns.
  • Uncleaned water is discharged into the drain.
  • It has water meters at the entrance and at the drain tubes so that you know at all times how much water you get and how much goes down the drain.
  • It has an integrated TDS meter so that you always know the quality of the water you are getting. The results are shown on an LCD display.
  • The construction of the base is made of stainless steel.
  • Dimensions: 550mm 800mm 1600mm480mm 600mm 1540mm.
  • Weight 150kg.
  • Prerequisites: The water that the filter receives should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius. The colder the water, the better for the filter. The water conductivity of the system must not exceed 1000PPM.
  • The filter will be on stock after 2 weeks of full payment
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