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Washing machine water filter Primato WM-ITABL

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You can now enjoy softer and cleaner clothes with this washing machine water filter that softens water and increases the life span of your machine.

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Dishwasher & Washing Machine Filter:

  • Made in Italy
  • Protects your washing machine from limescale.
  • Contains polyphosphoric salt crystals
  • Protects the machine from limescale buildup.
  • Extends the lifespan of the devices.
  • Reduces electrical energy consumption (limescale buildup increases energy consumption).
  • Reduces the amount of required laundry detergent (hard water reduces soap formation in your washer) and replaces the softening powder or tablets you use in your washing machine.
  • Flow: 21 liters/minute
  • Operating pressure: up to 4 bars
  • Operating temperature: 1-45°C
  • Water inlet and outlet are 3/4 inches, as in all washing machines. Simply interpose the device on the washing machine's water supply.
  • Refill with hailstone crystals every 6 months. You can buy replacement hailstone crystals in a 0.5kg pack. or hailstone in a 1.5kg pack
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