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Ecozon filter media for Ecosoft washing machine water filter - 2 refills. Ecosoft PSE200ECOEXP

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Ecozon filter media included in this packaging is good for 2 refills for the Ecosoft washing machine water filter. It protects your machines from lime and scale and makes your clothes softer and cleaner.

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  • Formation of scale reduces efficiency of washing machine or dishwasher operation, eventually resulting in breakdown of the equipment or increased power consumption.
  • It protects your machine from scale
  • Saves up to 30% of energy consumption
  • Saves up to 40% of washing powder and detergents
  • increases efficiency and extends life span of washing machines and dishwashers
  • Good for 20 000 L, or 400 washing cycles. Packaging has 2 refills (total media volume 200 ml).
  • High operational temperature of heated water up to 105 °С
  • Does not contain polyphosphate crystals
  • It is harmless for humans and environment
  • Your clothes will be softer
  • Water won’t leave lime stains on the surface of utensils.
  • It stops growth of scale crystals – special component of the media does not let crystals form into crystal lattice and deposit on surface of heating elements
  • Destroys crystals by breaking them into smaller parts
  • Impedes crystals from connecting by covering them and thus preventing from sticking to each other

Technical characteristics:

  • Filter media volume: 200mL (good for 2 refills).
  • Working temperature 4 - 30 C.
  • Keep in room temperature. Don't expose it to extreme cold and hot conditions.

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