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Cartridge for boilers/heaters hardness reduction filter. Ecosoft PSE2005ECOEXP

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This cartridge is suitable for the Ecosoft boilers/heaters scale reduction water filter. It protects your equipment from lime and scale. You should replace it at least once every year.

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  • Formation of scale reduces the efficiency of your boiler and your heater.
  • It protects your equipment from scale
  • Saves up to 30% of energy consumption
  • Increases efficiency and extends the life span of your boiler/heater
  • Good for 20 000 L or 6 months
  • Maximum operating temperature 105 °С
  • The filter stops growth of scale crystals and destroys crystals by breaking them into smaller parts.
  • It impedes crystals from connecting by covering them and thus preventing from sticking to each other
  • Nylon mesh reduces the content of sediments larger than 100 micron including sand, silt and rust.
  • Filter media volume 100 ml
  • Height 130 mm
  • Diameter 65 mm
  • Inlet - outlet size ¾” inches
  • Maximum operating pressure up to 6 atm
  • Replace the cartridge at least once every year

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