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Antibacterial sediment string wound filter cartridge - Primato SWP10-50-BS

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Primato SWP10-50-BS Whole Water Filter Cartridge is an advanced solution designed to enhance water purity and safety. Crafted with polypropylene wound string and a silver-based bacteriostatic agent, it effectively prevents bacterial growth. Compatible with most 10" whole house water filter housings and boasting a 50-micron filtration rate, it ensures clean, safe water free of sediment. 

Choose Primato SWP10-50-BS for a superior, bacteria-resistant water filtration experience.

Made in Italy

Permeability 50μm

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Primato SWP10-50-BS string wound whole water filter Cartridge represents the pinnacle of water purification technology, meticulously crafted from polypropylene wound string infused with a silver-based bacteriostatic agent. This advanced composition ensures an unparalleled defense against bacterial growth, maintaining the purity and safety of your water.

Engineered to seamlessly integrate with most 10" whole house water filter housings, this cartridge leverages its bacteriostatic properties to deliver a consistently clean water supply. With a standard filtration precision of 50 microns, it is adept at removing impurities while preventing the proliferation of bacteria within the water system.

Construction Materials:

  • Yarn: Our yarn is not just any yarn; it's a bacteriostatic silver-based PP (polypropylene) yarn, designed to halt bacterial growth in its tracks.
  • Core: The core of the filter cartridge is also constructed from bacteriostatic silver-based PP, reinforcing our commitment to purity and safety.

Choose Primato SWP10-50-BS for a whole water filter cartridge that combines innovative technology with robust construction, ensuring your water remains clean, safe, and free from harmful bacteria.


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