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Pleated cartride 10". Primato PL10

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This Pleated filter can fit to all standard 10 inch housings in the market (under sink filter, countertop filters, whole house water filters etc) and has a permeability of 50 microns. Replace it every 2 years. Wash it from dirt every 3 months. It can reduce dirt, mud, particles and rust.

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  • It can fit most standard 10" whole house water filter housings in the market.
  • Height 10" inches (aprox 25cm)
  • It reduces dirt, mud, particles and rust from your water
  • Permeability 50 microns. Microns measure the permeability of the filter. Water is forced to pass through tiny holes with a diameter of eg 50 microns. To give you a rough idea, human hair have a permeability of 100 microns.
  • Replace this cartridge at least every 2 years.
  • Wash it with water when it's full of dirt and use it again.

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