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Water Filter Pressure Regulating Valve 3/8 Primato ZLVFPV0308-40

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If there is high pressure in your water network, install this pressure regulator to protect your water filter from an hydraulic shock. For pipes 3/8".

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  • If there is too much pressure in your water network and you want to install an under-sink water filter, then you may need this pressure regulator.
  • It is installed before the water filter inlet.
  • It lowers the pressure to 40 psi (2.75 bar) so you can install a water filter without fear.
  • Water flow 7.5 liters/minute at 6.9 bar pressure.
  • Maximum pressure 230 psi (15.85 bar).
  • Maximum temperature 40°C.
  • Certification NSF / ANSI 61, Section 9.
  • Water inlet and outlet is 3/8".
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