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Water Leakage Sensor for Under-sink Filtering Systems - Primato WATER-STOP-7124

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water stop 7124

Water leakage sensor for filtering systems. It automatically cuts water supply to the filter in the event of a technical problem and leakage. It is installed in the water inlet of the under-sink filter and prevents flooding in the kitchen cabinet where it is installed.

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  • It is suitable for under-sink water filters.
  • The installation is very simple. At the IN input of the sensor, place one end of the filter water supply tube. At the OUT output of the sensor, place one end of another tube, and connect the other end to the IN filter inlet of the water filter. Basically, a small detour in the water circulation is created, which passes through the sensor. In the special slot, place an absorbent tablet, and then manually lower the safety switch. When there is the slightest water leakage, the tablet immediately absorbs moisture, thereby expanding and lifting the safety switch, which automatically stops the inflow of water to the filter.
  • Therefore, if there is leakage from the filter into your cabinet, then the water immediately stops flowing through the filter.

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