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Reverse Osmosis Membrane 80GPD Pure Pro 80

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This membrane produces 80 galons (302 Litres) of purified and crystal clear water per 24 hours. It has a permeability of 0.0001 microns.

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  • Fits most residential reverse osmosis systems.
  • Made in USA
  • If you have prefilters with good quality, then you should replace membrane every 2 years. Our reccomended pre-filters setup consists of one polypropylene filter with a permeability of 5 microns, 1 carbon block (5 microns) and 1 carbon block (0.5 microns).
  • It has a permeability of 0.0001 microns, which means it can filter out elements that are bigger than 0.0001 microns. To give you a rough idea, human hair have a diameter of 100 microns.
  • It can filter 80 galons per 24 hours (302 Litres)
  • It removes all harmful substances from water including, bacterial, arsenic, nitrates, microbes, scale, lime and hardness.
Pure Pro
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