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Reverse Osmosis Filter Pack ZENIT

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RO FIlter Pack ZENIT
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The pack includes all the replacement filters you need for ZENIT Reverse Osmosis, that is, a granular activated carbon filter, a compact activated carbon filter, 2 GPD 200 membranes, and a NACOSILVER bactericidal activated charcoal filter. These filters only fit the reverse osmosis ZENIT.

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The pack includes:

  • Stage 1: Granular activated carbon filter. It reduces chlorine, chloroform, unpleasant taste, odor, suspended particles, sand, rust, sludge, soil, total organic carbon, industrial organic compounds (tetrachlorethylene, trichlorethylene), dissolved organic compounds, organic paint, dissolved iron, manganese.
  • Stage 2: Compact activated carbon filter with 0.5 micron permeability. Effectively reduces chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor, heavy metals, chloroform, pesticides, organic chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), industrial residues, toxic, turbidity, cysts, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Toxoplasma, bacteria, microorganisms, asbestos fibers, suspended particles, mud, rust, soil and various other harmful substances for the body. It also reduces lead, cysts and heavy metals.
  • Stage 3 & Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis Membrane 200GPD (gallons a day, 757 liters per day). The membrane has a permeability of 0.0001 micron and removes virtually all the harmful substances. It produces water with zero conductivity and can yield 757 liters of filtered water over a 24 hour period. There are 2 membranes in the pack.
  • Stage 5: After the membranes the water passes through the activated carbon filter with nanosilver (it is so impregnated with bacteriostatic silver that prevents the growth of microbes and bacteria). This filter makes a final "refining". Because the water produced by reverse osmosis is relatively tasteless, this filter corrects these imperfections so you can enjoy your water better.

These filters are INLINE. This means they are not placed in filter-boxes but are replaced autonomously.


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