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Ion Exchange Resin. Primato DI-3300

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This inline filter consists of Ion Exchange Resin that can remove lime and scale and reduce water's hardness. Water inlet and outlet is 1/4 inch

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  • Ideal for areas where water is very hard or has a high concentration of total dissolved solids
  • Inlet and outlet is 1/4 inch
  • It is usually placed in reverse osmosis systems. Although reverse osmosis removes scale and lime, this filter is complementary and ideal for areas with high salt and scale concentration or brackish waters (eg islands)
  • Produces water at 0ppm (parts per million).
  • Conductivity less than 0.1uS / cm
  • Resistance of about 18 meg.ohm
  • It includes safety fasteners to prevent breakage.
  • Maximum pressure 100 PSI
  • Good for 2000 liters.
  • Replace cartridge at least once a year
  • Water flow 200 l / 24h
  • Length 25,4cm.
  • Transparent container.
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