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Instapure R7

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Instapure R7
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Instapure R7 fits to Instapure, Teledyne, Waterpik and Brittania faucet filters and reduces chemicals from your water. It improves water's taste and odour

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Instapure R7 fits to Instapure faucet filter and reduces

  • 99% of sediment, dirt and rust
  • 97% of chlorine
  • 99% of the trihalomethanes which are the chlorinating residues (chloroform and bromoform)
  • 97 & lindane (neurotoxin)
  • 99% of microbial cysts such as cryptosporidia and Giardia
  • 99% of industrial solvents (factory waste)

Replace cartridge every 3-4 months or 1500 liters of filtered water.

  • You can also buy R2 or R5 cartridge
  • It improves water's taste and odour
  • Άψογο φίλτρο,κάνει απίστευτη δουλειά. Και πολύ καλή τιμή.
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