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Luxurious Washbasin tap MODEA ELIT 00-2000

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modea elit 002000

Washbasin tap MODEA ELIT 2000 has a height of 15 cm of the bathroom wall and is made of genuine brass alloy in Italy and Greece. It is a very durable and quality faucet that is subject to strict 4-stage sealing controls under air pressure. It features the silent Ø40 GALATRON mechanism . Comes with a10 year guarantee for the main part, 5 years for the mechanism and 2 years for the other parts.

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Modea taps are covered by a 10 year warranty on the main part, 5 years in the mechanism and 2 years in the rest.

  • Height 15cm
  • Recommended operating pressure 3 bar
  • Maximum operating pressure 5 bar
  • Maximum temperature 75 0 C
  • If the pressure is higher than 5 bar, use a pressure reducer.
  • It has a NEOPERL water-saving filter that offers 40% water saving.
  • It has a distributor NEOPERL
  • It has silent mechanism Ø40 GALATRON
  • Metal valve 1”1/4
  • Spiral Inox Novaflex Viospiral 37cm, male 10×1 – female 1/2
  • We recommend installing a central water filter so as to avoid the possibility of foreign particles.
  • Prior to installation, it is necessary to carefully clean the pipes to remove any possible precipitate that can damage the ceramic disc.
  • To maintain the smooth flow of water, clean the output filter at regular intervals. Unscrew anti-clockwise, rinse thoroughly with running water and reinsert the rubber strainer and the output filter.
  • To clean the tap, use a soft, damp cloth along with a mild detergent.
  • If the product is not used for a long time, it is suggested to stop water supply.
  • For the good operation of the product and its long service life, it is recommended to use genuine spare parts MODEA

Installation instructions:

faucet installation instructions1. Open the water supply for a few minutes to clean the pipes internally from any residual solid particles. 2. Be sure to close the hot and cold water supply. 3. Adapt the parts to the wall supply using the appropriate amount of sealing material, making sure that they have a center distance 150mm. 4. Place the rosettes (Β) to the rest parts (Α). 5. Apply the rubber bands (Γ) on each of the seats and then insert the tap into the other parts (Α) screwing the nuts with a 29mm wrench. 6. Connect the bath spiral by inserting sealing nuts into the hexagon socket (Δ) located at the bottom of the tap and then connect the spiral side that carries the conical nut to the bathroom phone. 7. After returning the water supply, check that there is no leak in any part of the product.

Tap Certifications

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Material & Component Certifications

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