Self-cleaning whole house water filter Primato Bravo

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A small but powerful filter for your main water supply. It is self-cleaning, meaning that all you have to do in order to clean it is to open the discharge valve. Made in Italy.

  • It is made in Italy from high quality synthetic material, suitable for food and drinking water.
  • It reduces stones, rust, sediment, soil and mud.
  • It comes with a discharge valve which cleans the replacement filter.
  • The replacement filter comprises a stainless steel mesh. When it clogs, you can simply remove it from the appliance and clean it by hand.
  • Hourly flow rate: 4.8 m³ / h.
  • The water inlet and outlet have a 1-inch cross section.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 12 bar.
  • Maximum temperature: 40 C°.
  • Filter resources: 89 microns (millimeters of millimeter)
  • A pressure gauge can be installed optionally.
  • Width 8 cm, Height 22 cm.

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