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Handle 35mm with MIELE LOCK for vacuum cleaners. Primato 3561V

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Primato 3561V handle with MIELE LOCK is suitable for wands with an inner diameter of 35mm and is fixed on your vacuum cleaner wand.

Δακτυλίδια για χειρολαβές Δακτυλίδι για χειρολαβές 3299 Δακτυλίδι για χειρολαβές 3298
  • Shipping and Payment Costs
  • Suitable for wands with an inner diameter of 35mm
  • Measure the inner diameter of your wand before you buy this part.
  • Fix it on your vacuum cleaner wand
  • It cleans all the inaccessible places of the couch, the radiator etc
  • Feel free to contact us if you need assistance
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