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Doulton Ultra Carb Imperial OBE

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Doulton Ultra Carb Imperial OBE
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Doulton's ULTRA CARB IMPERIAL OBE cartridge is probably the best cartridge ever made up until now. It is NSF certified and can reduce a wide list of chemicals and heavy metals, including lead. It is OBE (Open Both Ends), which means it can fit in most standard 10" housings in the market.

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  • The filter consists of a ceramic outter layer and an inner layer of a pressurized activated carbon block
  • It is OBE (Open Both Ends) which means it can fit in most standard 10" housings in the market
  • It greatly improves water taste and odor
  • Nominal filtering 0.5 microns
  • Absolute filtering 0.9 microns
  • You should replace this cartridge at least once every year
  • Ideal for 3.750 liters of water
  • Water flow: 3.75 liters per minute at a pressure of 3 bar
  • NSF and WRAS Certification

It reduces:

  • Turbidity according to NSF 53: 98%
  • Heavy metals

Pathogenic microorganisms

  • Bacteria (coliforms, cholera, collagen, press, Klebsiella Terrigena):> 99,99%
  • Cysts (Cryptosporidia, Yardia):> 99.99%

Traces of organic compounds

  • Insecticides:> 85%
  • Herbicides:> 85%
  • Phenols:> 50%
  • Polyaromatic hydrocarbons:> 95%
  • Trihalomethanes:> 50%

Inorganic compounds

  • Free chlorine removal:> 97% NSF Standard Category 1 42
  • Lead removal: 98.3% NSF 53 standard
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