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Enzy-Sol Kit. Deep cleaner of washing machines. Code: DS004

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Deep cleaner of washing machines

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Deep cleaner of washing machines.
Removes odors from your washer.
Code: DS004. Package for 2 applications.

Instructions for use

The pack contains two white pouch with special detergent and
two silver colour pouch with a special cleaner that writes on Enzy Complex.

Place a detergent pouch in the laundry holder and
start a program at 40-50 degrees.

When filled with water (you will see the drum have water at the bottom),
stop the program, open the door and pour into an enzy complex pouch .

Let the program continue for 15 minutes and stop it while it is full of water,
for 5 hours or even all night.

Empty the washing machine from the water and run a program at 40-50 degrees,
without putting inside any clothes and without pre-washing.

Then run a program with cold water without putting inside any clothes.

If there are residues that do not leave, repeat the process.

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