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Is there lead in the water we drink?

by Ιoanna Vaiou

What is lead:

Lead is a heavy metal that is normally found in the earth's crust. It has been used in a number of household products.

Where can lead be found?
Most houses built before 1978 are painted with lead-based paints. Lead is also found in old water pipes. Thus, through corroded piping, it can invade our home.

Do you know how much water your child should drink?

by Μαργιώλος Γιώργος

According to a recent study, only 65% of children consume the sufficient amount of water that their body needs daily. Do you know if your children consume as much as they need?

New Primato Giveaway for November!

by Μαργιώλος Γιώργος

Win a countertop water filter painted by Guzo!

Our water filters are in high demand! Now we give you the opportunity to win one of the painted ones in our collection!

Why does hot water freeze faster than cold water?

by Ιoanna Vaiou

Scientists have been able to calculate that hot water actually freezes faster in a freezer than colder water under certain circumstances, as hot water transfers its energy exponentially faster.

Do you like our showcase?

by Ιoanna Vaiou

Do you like our showcase?

Η βιτρίνα με φίλτρα νερού στο κατάστημά μαςWhat you see is part of our showcase, made by Guzo. Inside the store, you will see walls beautifully painted with water motifs and other designs.

Did you know that...

by Ιoanna Vaiou

Did you know that...

...when we take a hot shower, the pores of our skin open up, thus absorbing all the harmful substances and chemicals in the water?
The shower filter protects us from the intake of harmful substances in the water. It is great for people with sensitive skin or skin diseases. What is more, as it reduces salts, it creates more foam when you take a bath.

Stop drinking contaminated water

Here is the solution:

October winner!

by Μαργιώλος Γιώργος

The winner of the October giveaway for a water filter is.....

The winner of the Primato giveaway is dimitra kalograiaki.

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Meet our painter...

by Μαργιώλος Γιώργος

On our website, you will find many hand-painted water filters. If you come to our store in Thessaloniki, you will see many walls painted in different designs and colors.

Meet the artist behind the art of Primato...

Why are water filters "green"?

by Ιoanna Vaiou

Water filters are "green"...

-> If we use filtered water, we do not throw plastic water bottles in the garbage. Plastic, although recyclable, often ends up in the trash can. Also, do not forget that it is not biodegradable, and it takes many years to dissolve. Water filters, on the other hand, always offer us fresh clean water, with our only "obligation" to renew the water filter cartridge annually.

How water changes everything

by Μαργιώλος Γιώργος

Nearly one billion people live without clean drinking water. See how this affects everything.


Drink healthy and clean water

New Giveaway in May!

by Γιάννης Μπουζάνας

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What contaminates drinking water?

by Ιoanna Vaiou

In this article, we will present the main contaminants of the water we drink:


Chlorine was discovered in 1774 by the Swedish chemist Carl Scheele. It is symbolized by the letters CL. Its name comes from the Greek word Chloros = Green. It is produced by electrolysis of water in salt. Sodium Hypochlorite (Hypochlorite Acid) is the main disinfectant in water.

New Primato Giveaway!

by Μαργιώλος Γιώργος


Primato Hellas, after the huge participation in the previous giveaway, offers you 5 more jugs for free!

Help me protect Antarctica

by Ιoanna Vaiou

Help me protect Antarctica!

Bella Papadopoulou Dobrowolska, 24, is chasing her dream for a better world. On February 28, she begins a different journey to Antarctica, as one of the 30 selected members of the "2041 Antarctic Youth Ambassador" program, which aims to awaken us to meet the challenges of global warming.

Filters for clean drinking water

by Ιoanna Vaiou

Filters to drink clean water from our store in Thessaloniki

If the last time you went to the kitchen to quench your thirst you noticed that the water in your glass was cloudy or had a strange smell, you are probably interested in the following article.

George Margiolos

George Margiolos was born in Thessaloniki and has graduated from the Department of Marketing of the Alexandreio Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki. He is fluent in English and (not so fluent) in German.

Ηe has been Project Manager at Avery Dennison - Fastener Division in the UK. There, his main project was to redesign the company's products into new applications so as to become more environmentally friendly. In combination with the fact that in the UK people are more familiar with water filters, he has developed a love for environmentally friendly water filters, which reduce the use of plastic bottles and improving people's quality of life.

Since 2008, he has published over 300 unique educational and informative articles on water filters and new water treatment technologies.

Occasionally, universities and doctoral students request to use George Margiolos' articles in their research because of their quality and uniqueness.